Antigua Guatemala
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4 kms from the central park of Antigua Guatemala, is located San Pedro Las Huertas, San Pedro Las Huertas, Antigua Guatemala, with a temperate climate, in an eternal spring, tranquility, security. Full of history and beauty, they are peculiarities with which San Pedro Las Huertas can be described, a town that is located 1 hour from Guatemala City. With an old church, San Pedro Las Huertas, Antigua Guatemala.
One of its greatest attractions is the Catholic temple. Dedicated to the Apostle Saint Peter, it was built in 1672; its façade still preserves the baroque style features of the seventeenth century, with Solomonic columns. The current building replaced the first building, built in 1541, which was simpler in style.
When observing the structure, it is thought that time has been benevolent so as not to destroy the architecture, however, it has left its mark, so it was rebuilt in 2008.
In the place the central square stands out, with natural elements and buildings. Among its trees, the esquisúchil or “Hermano Pedro Tree” stands out, to which curative properties are attributed, so some neighbors collect the white scented flowers to dissect and sell them or for personal consumption.
Its public pond, with plenty of water, has several laundries where women go to wash clothes every day. An attractive cross carved in stone has a base surrounded by stone seats, used to rest and admire the landscape.
Here, wide streets such as those that surround the plaza are combined with narrow ones, in which only one vehicle is allowed to pass at a time.
Francisco Antonio Fuentes y Guzmán wrote in his literary work Recordación Florida that "it was a place with good corn crops and much profit from the orchards, from which they supply the city of Goathemala all year round."
Several of these cultivated areas have been transformed into homes, since San Pedro Las Huertas is considered a place where tranquility is combined with the past.
Here high quality furniture and handicrafts of all kinds are made, attractive to national and foreign tourists. In 2007 the kings of Spain visited the municipality, on that occasion a special exhibition was mounted to show different items.
From this picturesque place you can admire beautiful sunsets where the Agua, Fuego and Acatenango volcanoes stand out.

The development of lots offers the opportunity for good capital gains, out of condominium, as well as where you can develop the house of your dreams, building the house with your own colonial style.
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  • 8.75 mts: front
  • 23 mts: depth
  • 198.54: sq mts
  • 284.14: sq vrs

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