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Property ID : 2973

For Sale / Available USD$ 1,187,651 - Farm
148,456.369  vrs2
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Beautiful coffee farm of 103,732.221 Mts2 at approximately 1.572 m of altitude,  with spectacular views of Volcan de Agua, Fuego y Acatenango. Plantation with different ages, 90% of the area is planted, internal road access throughout the farm, total estimate production of 2000qq annually. From the asphalt, the turn off is 1.5 km of dirt road access to get to the farm. The topography is slightly sloped in some areas and most of it is flat. The condition of the coffee is great healthy and grounds are fertile due to volcanic residues. Posibility to turn this farm into an avocado farm. It is is also ideal for investors that would like to transform it into a development of wind farm that provides energy. Price: 8US$ per varas. Contact us for more information.

Map display sector of the property not the property location.

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